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The Family 2020 Project

A newly devised Family Heritage Project to create connected resilient families, and encourage them to share their own family stories to pass down the generations.

Connect Generations

   Help families to communicate
   Involve sharing
   Lead to sense of respect
   Develop a sense of togetherness

The project Tools are especially designed conversation prompt cards, with easy to read text, and colouful attractive pictures. Topics are selected by families working together, and are light hearted, and fun.

At present, one after school group and 2 community groups have taken part. Adults participants were from various backgrounds;
Lone parents, Fathers, Mothers, Grandmothers, Grandfather, Adults with literacy difficulties, Onto work parents, Parent Forum(PTA) member, ESL Parent, and even a Step Dad(recommended to attend by his partner from an earlier session, which was most encouraging for me to realize the benefits which they experienced, and the inclusiveness of this project.)

Children aged from 4yrs to 14 yrs took part alongside the adult family member; Children with learning difficulties, one boy with speech delay, family groups of children with the same parent, one step child, and several treasured grandchildren. (which worked especially with the Family Tree Story cards.) Sessions were either immediately after school, or in early evening, with or without cr?che, both in school and in community halls.

Evaluations at this stage appear to be very encouraging. 
Indeed, it would be valuable to have other groups willing to run these projects. Workshop training is being set up to enable leaders to leverage on best possible practice in using the Story Card Tools in different settings, and with different groups.
To find out more go to the www.family2020.co.uk  or contact Helen Shearar on 01436 672382


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