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Take Flowers/Plants to Someone Who is Ill

Studies have shown that the natural environment has therapeutic effects, and can help with recovery from illness. If someone is ill in hospital it is commonplace for people to give them flowers.

 One study has shown that this act of kindness may have scientific foundations.  

This particular study showed that people with a room overlooking a natural environment recovered quicker from surgery than those who looked out onto a brick wall.  Though this may seem commonsense, if you are visiting a friend or relative in hospital take them a plant or flowers, especially if they have no window or if they are in a room with a window overlooking a wall or a barren area.  Having a view of the natural environment may help speed up recovery and can induce positive emotion. 

(Ulrich, 1983. 'A view through a window may influence recovery from surgery.' See research section for more details.) 

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