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Savouring good experiences and then storing them in the memory builds resilience - we have a treasure house of good memories to look back on when life gets tough.

'pearls' at work

Look back, now, at the past few days and find a good point, a happy moment, a 'pearl'. Recall it in as much detail as you can. Write it down on a post-it note and put it on your desk. Smile to yourself as you recall it frequently through the day.

create new 'pearls'

Go for a walk this lunch time and savour the weather - whatever it is. Notice birds, trees, the sky, the city or landscape. Look for beauty and when you find it, notice it, savour it. When you get back to your desk, bring that beauty to mind throughout the afternoon. It will have become a 'pearl' from you day.

Have a 'magic memory pearl' on your desk. I first did this with groups of children but it works for adults too. When you recall a happy memory, savouring it as described above, hold a small bead or other object in your hand while you do so. I tell children to 'blow' the memory into the bead but just holding it will do. Repeat this frequently, holding the bead while recalling a happy memory, and you will find that when you pick up the bead the association will encourage happy memories and good feelings to occur naturally.

pearls with children

At the end of the day encourage the children to look back at their 'pearls' at the best bits of the day, and talk about them, recall them, perhaps store them in a 'magic memory pearl' they keep beside their bed.



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