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Evaluative Vs Appreciative Praise

Haim Ginott 'Teacher and Child'

Praising children to the hilt for not very much can be counter productive and encourages dependency. True feelings of self worth come from within. We need to encourage children to be more in control of how they feel. This we can help bring about with the right type of empowering praise. 

Evaluative Praise is top-down. It is the teacher as a superior patting the child on the head and saying well done, you are very clever/ well behaved/ terrific.

Appreciative Praise is different as it combines detailed feedback on what the child has done plus a statement of appreciation. This then allows the child to pat herself on the back and feel good.

E.g. 'Marcia, aged twelve, helped the teacher rearrange the books in the class library. The teacher avoided personal praise ('You did a good job. You are a hard worker. You are a good librarian.') Instead, she described what Marcia accomplished: 'The books are all in order now. It'll be easy for the children to find any book they want. It was a difficult job. But you did it. Thank you'. The teacher's words of recognition allowed Marcia to make her own inference. 'My teacher likes the job I did. I am a good worker'.

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