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Motivation Tips to Achieve Your Goal

 1. Focus on specific and clear goals and work out where you are now with them and where you want to go with 

2. Make sure your goals are what YOU want and that they don't conflict or compete with other goals you might have.

3. Set out a time scale and make a plan of small achievable goals that lead step by step to your main goal.

4. Tell people about your goals and how you are tracking your progress.  Track how you are doing and flexibly adapt as appropriate. 

5. Deal with failure and setbacks right way by working out what the problem is.

6. Get the resources you need to achieve your goals

7. Build your goals into your daily routine.

8. Get together with others with similar goals and get advice from people who have achieved your goals.

9. Be aware of your weaknesses but use and play to your strengths as much as you can. 

10. Give yourself a break now and again.

Copyright: Alan McLean, 2006

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