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How happy are our schools

Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service is working with teachers from local schools to research and develop the concept of happiness into an operational model for improving mental health, sense of well-being and achievements of children and young people in Leicestershire schools

 The project

One of our starting points is to meet with the Head teachers of schools which rate themselves as happy places to be and, of course attach importance to this dimension to try to identify factors which support their beliefs.  We are interested in factors which contribute to organisational health including the synergy between the school and the local community it serves.
We are very interested in the views of children and young people and plan to undertake interviews to gain information around the following questions:-

a) 'what makes me feel happy in school?' 
b) 'what I need to feel happy in school?' 
c) 'who can help me if I feel unhappy?'

To find out more about this project contact Anne Matthews either by email: amatthews@leics.gov.uk, or by phone: 01162845114

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