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The terminology used to describe community building, organisation, resilience, economic and social function and the part community plays in well-being is a complex array of terms, the meanings of which are often contested.  In this section the language, ideas and concepts of community building,organisation and function are explored.

One of the factors that helps communities to withstand economic, environmental and social shocks is the level of resilience within the community. Healthy communities display resilience and the level of resilience is based in the relationships within the community. The assets approach makes visible the skills, knowledge and connections that promote social capital and resilience.These are the aspects of community health which are explored in this section.

Community organising is about mobilising and developing leaders in civil society in order to make real change through building relationships, finding issues and taking action. The aim being to ensure the organising remains within the experience of the people concerned rather than outsider 'experts' influencing the solutions and outcomes. In this section community organising is explored. 

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