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Glasgow+ Inequality ...

In many ways Glasgow (the Centre's home town) is a fantastic city - stylish, culturally rich and an attractive place for visitors. Indeed Glasgow is not only one of the safest tourist destinations in the world but also Conde Nast Traveller recently voted it the UK's most popular city. Glasgow has also recently been designated a UNESCO City of Music.
However, poor people in Glasgow often have worse outcomes than their equivalents in other cities in Europe. In fact Glasgow is at the top of the division when it comes to problems related to health, violence, drugs and alcohol. The city's motto rings out "Let Glasgow Flourish" but many of her citizens are not flourishing - their well-being is poor.
In this section of the website you'll find information on our Chief Executive's new book on Glasgow and resources associated with it. In time we shall create additional resources related to inequality, family breakdown and other themes developed in the book.
Please use the forum to comment on the book, tell us what you are doing, or give your ideas on what we need to do to improve lives in Glasgow.

(The picture used here is called Night Magic by Michael Scott. It is used, courtesy of the artist's estate, as the cover illustration on The Tears that Made the Clyde.)

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