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Postcards from Scotland

Reviews etc of The Tears that Made the Clyde

Herald article on Glasgow's health in relation to the book(Bleak picture of Glasgow has lessons for policy makers): 20th February 2010

Herald news feature on the book ('Glasgow's grim reality beneath the glossy image'): 20th February 2010

Anne Johnstone's Herald column ('Glasgow is so much more than one mean city'): 4th March 2010

Kenny Farquarson's Scotland on Sunday column ('At the wounded heart of Glasgow'): 7th March 2010

Excerpt of chapter 7 'Women and Children Last' in the Scottish Review of Books published in the Saturday Herald, 20th February 2010

Sunday Times article by Gerry Hassan ('Can Glaswegians stomach some bitter home truths?'): 21st March 2010

Review in Sunday Herald by Trevor Royle (Glasgow, then and now): 21st March 2010

Review in the Scottish Review (Scotland's online current affairs magazine) by Alex Wood of 'The Tears that Made the Clyde' by Alex Wood

Review in Times Educational Supplement Scotland by Alex Wood ('Litmus test for the harder side of Scottish life'): 7th May 2010

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