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Postcards from Scotland

New and updated data and research findings

In the Tears that Made the Clyde I quote lots of data, and research findings, to show the extent of Glasgow health and social problems. To keep these up to date I plan to list additional information as it comes out or as I encounter it.

9th December 2012: Improvement in knife crime in Glasgow

June 11th 2012: Suicide rates higher in Scotland

May 14th 2012: Glasgow area 'benefits capital' of the UK

May 30th 2012: Why Scot's die younger

October 19th 2011: Glasgow has lowest life expectancy in the UK

February 16th 2010: Glasgow children's acceptance of domestic violence

March 22nd 2010: Glasgow's health worse than Manchester and Liverpool's 

March 23rd 2010: Scotland is 'worst in UK for fighting crime'

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