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Glasgow's health worse than Manchester and Liverpool's

The Glasgow Centre for Population Health has been undertaking considerable research into why Glasgow  has worse health and social outcomes. One of their main achievements has been to eliminate the idea that the problem is only about deprivation. Their latest research compares Glasgow with Manchester and Liverpool. All three cities are remarkably similar in terms of deprivation yet Glasgow has 30 per cent higher premature deaths. These excess deaths can be seen across the age range (except the very young), in both males and females and in deprived and non-deprived areas.

One of the report's authors, David Walsh, told The Herald: The ‘Glasgow effect’ is about people missing out on their grandchildren grow-ing up and the grief of losing relatives. When you see the number of alcohol-related deaths, you have to remember people do not drink themselves to death for no reason. There must be other things causing stress in their lives.”

The research publication details are as follows:

D Walsh, N Bendel, R Jones and P Hanlon, 'It's not 'just deprivation': Why do equally deprived UK cities experience different health outcomes?' Public Health, 2010. doi:10.1016/j.puhe.2101.02.006

Further information can be found in The Herald and shortly on the GCPH website.

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