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Postcards from Scotland

Scotland is 'worst in UK for fighting crime'

The Institute for Public Policy Research have published a report on how devolution has affected crime rates. It shows that Scotland is the only part of the UK where crime rates overall have not fallen in the past ten years: offending rates staying roughly the same since devolution in 1999 whereas they have fallen by 11 per cent in England and Wales and by 9 per cent in Northern Ireland. Crime is, however, generally lower in Scotland than England and Wales but it is also the most violent country in the UK. Vandalism is also higher in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK.

IPPR speculate that one of the reasons why crime has not fallen as much is because of alcohol consumption. In Scotland 59 per cent of victims say that their attacker had been drinking whereas the equivalent figure in Engalnd and Wales is 57 per cent.

IPPR do not look at regional variations but the figures for violent crime are higher in the West of Scotland than other parts of the country.

To view a news release by IPPR on this topic click here

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