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Associates and advisers

There are also a number of people who work with the Centre as freelances, advisers or associate consultants. These are

Pete Fletcher - Design Consultant

Pete has spent many years working in advertising and design, and as Creative Director of J.F. Green Associates was responsible for advertising to launch the Scottish Development Agency in the USA. Winning entry into Best of British Illustrators Annual - and was voted creator of best Industrial Development Ad Campaign in Forbes Magazine USA. Pete was also founder and senior partner of Portfolio Design Consultants Ltd one of Scotland’s leading design consultancies. He has been a creative consultant on projects for Compaq Computer UK, Xerox Europe, Instrument Specialties, USA, McGraw Hill, The Miller Group, Scottish Council for Educational Technology, Granada Publishing, NFER Nelson and Leckie & Leckie. Pete also created major graphic and promotional work for Glasgow 1990 Cultural Capital of Europe.

Pete has been involved with the Centre for Confidence and Well-being since its inception in 2004 and is responsible for all on-going corporate design concepts including the corporate identity branding and the new look website.

Elaine Duncan – Principal Consultant Psychologist to the Centre

Dr Elaine Duncan, M.A, PhD, CPsychol, CSi is a Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer in Psychology at the Glasgow Caledonian University. Since the launch of the Centre she has acted as advisor on various research projects and workshop initiatives. Elaine selected a set of validated well-being measures for the Centre’s initial work on well-being in Scotland. These are now part of the Centre’s Confidence Research System.

Emily Cutts – Research Associate

Emily was the Centre’s Psychology Researcher from September 2006-February 2009. Emily constantly searched for the most up to date relevant research, findings and figures to help guide the work of the Centre and make sure what we are promoting is well evidenced. Emily graduated with an MA in Psychology from the University of Glasgow and an Msc in Positive Psychology at the University of East London. When Emily became a mother she began to work for the Centre on a freelance basis.


Isobel MacNaughtan

Isobel MacNaughtan is an educational advisor with the Centre for Confidence and Well-being. She began her working life as an English teacher and was Head Teacher in Cumbernauld High School before moving on to develop her consultancy. Her work includes training, facilitation and research in a variety of settings and educationally she works in schools and in Higher and Further education.

Derek Goldman

Derek is an Associate Lecturer with The Open University, tutoring in social work studies and related fields. He also works with schools, education authorities and other public organisations on a range of themes including leadership development, quality improvement, skills for supporting learners and developing confidence and motivation in the workplace. Derek has also worked extensively with young people in a variety of settings including those 'at risk' and on the margins.

Alan Sinclair

For five years he was Senior Director for Skills and Learning at Scottish Enterprise. Prior to this he set up Heatwise which trained unemployed people to insulate houses and grew rapidly in scale and reputation. Out of this came the Wise Group and as the Chief Executive he was responsible for its growth into a range of services and its pioneering work in getting long term unemployed people into jobs with regular employers.

Alan's original interest in the early years developed as a result of his interest in the development of workplace skills. The Work Foundation, where he used to be a Fellow, published a compelling provocation by Alan (“0-5: How small children make a big difference”). Since then he has expanded his knowledge of the importance of early years and the family and now spends most of his work time writing and speaking on the topic.

Zoe Van Zwanenberg

Zoe, an Independent Management consultant, trainer and researcher, previously spent many years in the public sector working with management teams from the Board to front line service delivery teams on issues of leadership, management, organisational change and organisational culture. Zoe was also the Chief Executive of the Scottish Leadership Foundation, developing new approaches to leadership development to support partnership working and collaborative endeavours across public services in Scotland.

Zoe has worked with a wide range of professional audiences including all aspects of health care, national and local government, teachers, police, fire and ambulance as well as with volunteers and community groups. She has a particular interest in the application of current theories and research and she continues to have an active personal involvement in research having recently completed a project on leadership and equalities for the Centre which was commissioned by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Sylvia Brown

Sylvia Brown is an independent professional coach, facilitator and consultant with over 15 years experience in business and personal behavioural change working throughout the UK and the Middle East.  She specializes in helping individuals and groups develop emotional intelligence, communication, resilience and authenticity.  Sylvia’s work is grounded on a foundation of many years scientific research from some of the world’s experts on behavioural change.


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