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Go Dundee


"Our Dundee" a short film made by a group of young people from The Shore - will receive its public premiere atDCA on Sunday 7th October 2012 at 1pm as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival.

You can watch a short preview of the film by clicking the link below


The young people who made the film will be there to introduce it and then to answer questions afterwards. Professional film maker Jonathan Charles of D Fie Foe - who worked with the young people - will also be attending. Entry is free.

The short film addresses people’s experiences of life in Dundee and their views about the city’s future. The film was made as part of the Dundee Wave of Change project.

For more information please visit the Go Dundee website http://www.godundee.co.uk/

or visit the DCA website http://www.dca.org.uk/whats-on/films/our-dundee.html

Go Dundee have a great new website where you can check out what they are up to. The following gives some background information.

Background to Go Dundee

At Scotland's Tipping Point the participants were involved in geographical groups. This allowed people from different sectors to meet up and discuss with others from their geographical area. The people from Dundee who met up at the conference resolved to do something in the city. A series of events under the banner of Go Dundee have now taken place.

The Centre has organised two events with Go Dundee in 2008. The first was in January and was an evening lecture given by the celebrated Harvard University psychology lecturer Dr Tal Ben-Shahar who talked at Positive Psychology, Leadership and creating positive cities. The event sold out and over 300 people attended.  Click here for further information on the Tal Ben-Shahar event. The second event was held in June and featured Carol Craig, from the Centre, talking about the power of optimism and a local band called the Hazey Janes. There are lots of pics of both events on the Go Dundee website. 


For some background information on what was undertaken originally under the name of Go Dundee click on the link below. A similar event was held in Angus. Information on this can be accessed from the menu on the right. 

 go dundee 0506 (246 KB)

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