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Go Angus

Go Angus Event. Effects of ?The Tipping Point? still spreading.

On Tuesday 27th September 2005, an inspirational morning was organised by a group of individuals motivated by the Go Dundee event, which took place earlier in the year.

The Go Dundee event was a direct spin off from Scotland?s Tipping Point, a conference run by the Centre for Confidence and Well Being. Having heard Malcolm Gladwell, plus all the other inspirational speakers launching an exciting forum for discussion and action, several committed people from assorted disciplines and backgrounds got together in Dundee, and then in Angus, to arrange similar events.

It was important to all concerned that this should be an event for an idea, and not necessarily have a definite outcome other than the spreading of the idea. Our only objective was that people would leave the event energised and enthusiastic enough to talk up the benefits of positive confidence. Each one of our speakers was inspirational in a unique way. They had all achieved over the odds and out of some sort of adversity. The guided discussions, which followed, allowed the delegates to share similar stories or to take decisions about how they intended to make a renewed effort to propagate the benefits of positive action. It is a fact that many people seem hardwired to look on the gloomy side of life. Nature provides us with this attribute for a good reason, but it does seem to hold up the development of the ?tribe?. Go Angus was about saying ?It doesn?t have to be like this.? During our initial meetings we discovered that Angus Ahead, another thriving organisation had much the same idea and it was decided that we should place ourselves firmly under its umbrella.

The event followed the way of Go Dundee by being completely free to the delegates. The Burn House provided a perfect venue; ?Angus Ahead? sponsored the delicious lunch. All the speakers provided their services free of charge, and Deborah Fairley of Life Tree brilliantly and generously facilitated the discussions.

We knew that there was an abundance of creativity in our county and Go Angus provided us with an opportunity to ?think out of the box? and create ideas for developing our confidence and well being in beautiful surroundings.

There were three areas for discussion. The groups were mobile so after an hour most people had met and talked.

  • Share with your group what struck you about the keynote speakers? stories.
  • Share with your group a time when you were involved in something successful (work, community or family). What were the key elements of this success?
  •  What one thing can you take away from today that will make a difference?

The feed back at the end of the day was gratifying. The ideas generated were collated and sent back out to all the delegates.

These fell into 5 general categories:

  • Promoting Angus
  • Changing attitudes
  • Individual development
  • Cultural Development
  • Community Development

We had hoped to create an atmospheric and provocative space for communication and creativity. We achieved our aim and time will tell if it has had the desired effect.

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