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Phil Hanlon looking for your stories of 'transformational change'

What are your best examples of transformational change in our society today?

A group of us created the ‘Afternow’ website  just over a year ago to explore ‘what’s next for the health of society’. We make the point that, if we want to improve wellbeing, sustainability and equity, business as usual is not an option. However, that begs the question of what kind of change is needed.

A new section has just been added to the website which explores transformational change - this can be found here.

Our request is that you take a look at the first of the short videos in the new transformation change section and reflect on the examples of change that have inspired or convinced you (your examples may or may not be linked to health). We are interested in the examples you pick and the reasons you have for your choice.

This is not a research project – just an informal attempt to find out what people are thinking. So, please send back short ‘one liners’ or a longer response if you have more to say. You can get back to us by emailing me at phil.hanlon@glasgow.ac.uk or by using the ‘contact us’ section of the website.

I look forward to reading your ideas.

Phil Hanlon
Professor of Public Health
University of Glasgow

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