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Postcards from Scotland

Carol Craig

Carol Craig

Carol is Chief Executive of the Centre for Confidence and Well-being which she established in 2004. She is author of The Scots' Crisis of Confidence (2003 and 20011); Creating Confidence: A handbook for professionals working with young people (2007); and The Tears that Made the Clyde: Well-being in Glasgow (2010).

Prior to setting up the Centre Carol ran her own small training and development business called Enspire. She specialised in personal and team development. Before this Carol worked for BBC Scotland in various roles in current affairs and education.

Carol has a B.A. in politics from the University of Strathclyde and a Ph.D in politics from the University of Edinburgh.

Carol is series editor for Postcards from Scotland. Carol had hoped to collaborate with Zara Kitson who met she met at one of the Centre's materialism events. She was extremely impressed by her instinctive understanding of the issues and her commitment to campaign for change. Zara agreed to be a collaborator in the book and her name appeared on the early publicity. However, Zara managed to secure a job and the pressure of work commitments, and the tight publishing deadline, meant that she did not have the time to contribute. Their early discussions did, nonetheless, help Carol think through some of the issues. Zara hopes to be involved in some of the follow-up materials and activities

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