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Postcards from Scotland

Phil Hanlon and Sandra Carlisle

Professor Phil Hanlon

Phil Hanlon is Professor of Public Health at Glasgow University. He graduated in medicine from Glasgow University and, following clinical experience and a research post in the Gambia, found the true focus for his career – public health and, in particular, the challenge of improving health in Scotland. He has pursued that interest through a variety of service and academic public health posts but the successes and frustration associated with this work led him, six years ago, to seek fresh insights into some of Scotland’s most intractable health problems. The result has been the ‘Afternow’ project which asks ‘What’s next for the health of society’. The findings from the Afternow project (http://www.afternow.co.ukwww.afternow.co.uk/) pose a set of challenges that Scotland urgently needs to address.

Sandra Carlisle

Sandra has a background in medical social anthropology and sociology.  Over the years since then she has been involved in numerous health- and policy-related research and evaluation projects, in both academic and voluntary sector settings across the nations of the UK.  In Scotland, she conducted research on GP home visits, community support for those with caring responsibilities, and partnership working for social inclusion and health inequalities. In Wales she investigated novel approaches to primary care development, and community-based action research on the social determinants of health. More recently, she has worked with Phil Hanlon on a six year research project investigating the relationship between modern culture and well-being, and the broader implications of modernity for our future health.  This study created the basis for the AfterNow website.  She is now working at the Rowett Institute for Nutrition on Health at the University of Aberdeen, exploring food choice in Scotland, in the broader context of modern society, as part of the Scottish Government’s ‘Food, Land and People’ programme. 

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