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Alan Sinclair: The case for early engagement

Alan Sinclair is now with The Work Foundation and was formerly Director of Skills for Scottish Enterprise. Alan is an economist who is interested in early years work because he sees this increasingly as the solution to a whole myriad of contemporary problems including social exclusion, crime and the lack of many soft skills which employers increasingly say employees lack. He argues that people in the UK as a whole, especially Scotland, are not particularly good at parenting. He thinks this is a society wide problem. At one end there are very well-off parents who see too little of their children because they are too caught up in work or other aspects of their lives. At the other extreme, there are parents who neglect their  children because of the types of social problems (drug and alcohol abuse, for example,) that besets many areas in which poor people live.

Download Alan Sinclair?s Powerpoint presentation: 'The case for early years? engagement' below.

A whole section of the Centre?s website is now dedicated to attachment and early engagement issues and this features Alan?s work. Please click here to access this section.

 Alan Sinclair presentation (965 KB)

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