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Postcards from Scotland

Participants' discussions/feedback on themes

During day 1 there was plenty opportunity for discussion as people were seated at round tables. Here was a list of issues which they thought were relevant to the presentations and how we need to take forward relevant work:

? Funding is a major issue ? particularly in Edinburgh
? Professionals are beginning to realise that they must be involved more with parents ? problems are more likely once the child goes to school
? We still need more emphasis on building parent capacity
? Need more support from politicians
? We need more universal under 5 centres
? We need to value staff more who work with young children and pay them better
? Boys may need to start school later
? Need a Scandinavian model of support for working parents
? Need more strategic support
? Need more emphasis on evidence
? The Scottish Government needs to take an active role across various disciplines/professions
? Must value play more
? Need to support mothers better before the birth
? Need more sustainable long-term funding for early years
? Need to model our policies on successful countries

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