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Foundations for flourishing: childhood

In this section we include information about what we think contributes to flourishing childhood. Foundations for Flourishing was the name the Centre gave to a two day event held in March 2008. The two days could be attended as single days. The first day was on how to create flourishing childhood; the second day was on how we could help encourage responsible youth. To address these questions and to debate possible answers we invited a range of excellent international, UK and Scottish speakers. Both events were held in the Hub, Edinburgh. Click on the names below and you can access information on the first day's themes. The next section looks at adolescence.

Below is a list of speakers at this event.  We?ve also included some of the main talking points from participants.

Dr Carol Craig: overview
Sue Palmer: Toxic Childhood
Alan Sinclair: The case for early engagement
Professor Jane Aldgate: Better support for vulnerable children                                                                                                                                                         Tim Gill: Giving children the freedom to grow and learn
Participants discussion/feedback on the themes

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