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Foreword by George Morris

Using this Handbook

Part I Confidence

1. Confidence Matters

Part II Learning from America's mistakes

2. The Concept of Self-Esteem

3. Self-Esteem and Well-Being

4. America's Shame, Scotland's Gain?

Part III Confidence in Scotland

5. The Scottish Picture

6. Supporting Evidence

Part IV Good ways to create confidence

7. Mindsets: How We View Success and Failure

8. Self-Efficacy

9. Optimism and Hope

10. Resilience

11. Fostering Teacher-Pupil Relationships

12. New Educational Approaches

13. Activities to Foster Confidence

Part V Well-being

14. Positive Psychology

15. The Potential Dangers of Teaching Emotional Literacy

Part IV Conclusion

16. Integrating Confidence and Well-Being

17. Confidence in Scotland's Schools

Information on Supporting Resources

Acknowledgements and Permissions

Further Reading


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