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'An excellent book. If our young people are to grow up resilient and confident to meet the challenges of the 21st century, parents and teachers need clear, evidence-based information on the best ways to raise and educate them. Creating Confidence is an authoritative, wide-ranging and highly readable summary of the current state of play in 'the science of well-being' (and a great antidote to some of the snake oil currently being peddled to schools).'

Sue Palmer, Literacy specialist and author of Toxic Childhood

'The Centre’s confidence model and the practical and common sense advice provided in ‘Creating Confidence’ have provided an important focus to our ‘School of Ambition’ project. Our ‘Transformation Plan’ priorities now reflect and more clearly recognise and understand the cultural reasons why too many young people in our schools lack resilience, underachieve and leave school to negative destinations. Through the support and advice of the Centre we are now seeking to build a whole school culture based around the ‘Well-being Compass’ model to promote confident individuals and effective contributors which in turn will lead to more successful learners and ultimately more responsible citizens.'

Jim Cassidy
Headteacher, Gracemount High School

'Carol Craig has pieced together a very thoughtful compilation of contemporary ideas to assist practitioners who work with young people. The handbook makes theoretical perspectives readily accessible, whilst at the same time offers helpful interventions that can be used by teachers, youth workers and others. The fact that the material has been contextualised in Scotland and within 'A Curriculum for Excellence' adds even further relevance for the reader. Many of the frameworks etc. should assist schools, youth and social work services in their whole approach to how services for young people are effectively delivered in Scotland. The handbook will also assist practitioners to develop their work in this area, informed by 'evidence based practice' rather than a more random, intuitive approach. This resource is a definite 'must have' for those who work with young people and who are interested in progressing this agenda. '
Derek Goldman
Educational Consultant

'As a manager with Careers Scotland I have been recently working with Carol and the Centre considering how confidence can be positioned in relation to the delivery of career guidance. My starting point was reading her publication Creating Confidence. I found the book to be tremendously insightful and its content will be of great value to career advisers. It is our intention to incorporate many of its concepts and techniques in our day to day practices. The empirical approach allows us to establish the connection between academia and service delivery. Our objective is to create 'confident' career planners and through Carol's work I now have a much clearer idea as to how we as an organisation can achieve this objective for the people of Scotland.'

Brian Waddell
Careers Scotland

'Dr Carol Craig’s book is a very valuable resource for teachers, youth workers and all professionals who aim to contribute to the personal social development of young people. Creating Confidence is an extremely interesting, enjoyable and accessible summary of several psychologists’ theories about different aspects of confidence and resilience which has enabled me to understand the true meaning of confidence and genuine self esteem. The book also provides straightforward, practical guidance for teachers and youth workers on how to put these theories in practice and how to develop and nurture young people’s confidence. Dr Carol Craig’s writings on self efficacy, fixed and growth mindsets and the Centre’s model of confidence and compass of well-being have given me a valuable insight into exactly how The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme builds young people’s confidence. I can now explain the benefits of the Award programme far better and intend to promote methods of giving constructive feedback which develop a growth mindset when training new Award Leaders.'

Louise Speedie
Development Officer – Youth Work and Schools
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Scottish Award Office

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