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Derek Goldman

Derek, an Independent Educational Consultant and Trainer,  previously spent many years in the public sector working with children and young people in communities, schools and more specialised provision. He has considerable experience of partnership working and "joined up approaches" in supporting children, young people and their families from disadvantaged backgrounds who are faced with specific life challenges.
In addition, he is an Associate Lecturer with The Open University tutoring on numerous undergraduate programmes in Social /Youth Work and  in Leadership and Management Practices in the workplace.
For over 20 years he has worked on behavioural support initiatives and programmes, training and staff development, leadership programmes and the evaluation of educational initiatives including the mentoring   of staff at various levels in organisations.   
Derek has worked with a wide variety of professional and lay audiences including teachers, social workers, librarians,  youth workers,  health and allied professionals and parents. He has a particular interest in using applied contemporary theories  to inform day to day working practices.
In addition he has been involved in a number of developments at the Centre including:-

  • Confidence, Motivation and Resilience workshops with children and young people
  • Advising and supporting schools in developing their approaches in building confidence
  • Numerous talks, training and workshops across the public, private and third sectors related to wider issues of well-being.

Derek is also currently liaising with Stanford University in the U.S.  where we are collaborating on a research project with Professor Carol Dweck on the Growth Mindset.

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