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Sylvia Brown

 Sylvia Brown is a highly respected professional coach, facilitator and consultant with many years experience in business and personal behavioural change.  

Sylvia has been a very keen supporter of the Centre’s values and objectives since inception and has now joined forces with us as an associate. She specialises in helping individuals and groups improve emotional intelligence, communication, resilience and authenticity. The results bring about happier, healthier and more fulfilled working and personal lives.

Her natural curiosity and passion for understanding what makes people flourish led her to study Psychology and Sociology at The University of Glasgow. She is a Certified Master Behaviour Coach and a Member of the International Coaching Council. She is an accredited Emotional Intelligence Practitioner awarded by a world leader in the field as well as a Practitioner in Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator, recognised world-wide as a reliable tool to aid understanding of personality and behaviour.

Passionate about helping people flourish, Sylvia has built on a solid foundation of knowledge as well as over 15 years’ experience in leadership development, soft skills training and behavioural change coaching, working throughout the UK and the Middle East.

The core foundation of Sylvia’s work is based on cutting edge techniques and resources, resting on a foundation of many years scientific research from some of the world’s experts in the field of behavioural change.

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