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Scottish Integral

The Centre is committed to individual, cultural and social change which supports real human well-being. Increasingly one of our main concerns is the fragmentation of knowledge and ideas. We are continually aware that there are competing perspectives and interests - each claiming that they alone have the solution to social problems or how to help individuals live better lives. 

In this section of the site we've included some examples of this fragmentation, why it is occurring and ways we can counteract it.

To date the best perspective we have encountered to help get us out of this problem has been provided by the American philosopher Ken Wilber, particularly his work on 'the four quadrants'.

The Centre is based in Scotland and we believe that an 'integral' approach - one that bridges subject specialism and eschews a narrow perspective in favour of a broader, encompassing theory - is in tune with the country's intellectual heritage as well as the Centre's brief history:  we have always tried to take a broad view, attracting people from across disciplines and sectors. Again in tune with the country's intellectual tradition we are particularly interested in ideas which can help inform social change.

We are beginning with information related to Wilber's four quadrants and may broaden out from this in due course. Use the link below to access information on the quadrants and other related material.


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