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Next steps

Here are a few ideas of how you can take your understanding of type further. Use the menu on the right to access a list of books, websites, resources etc.

Read a book

There are now lots of books on type. Some are general introductions, others look at particular issues such as learning styles, stress or midlife. We have listed some of what's on offer.

Go on-line

There are literally thousands of pages on the MBTI™ on the net. You can spend many an evening reading through type profiles or seeing how type is being applied by organisations across the world.

Become a 'type watcher'

MBTI enthusiast and writer Otto Kroeger encourages us to become 'type watchers'. This means using our knowledge of type in everyday life to understand the people we encounter. Otto’s book Type Talk will give you ideas on how to become a seasoned type watcher.

Join a type association

The British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT) is the membership organisation in the UK which aims to spread the word about type. Your membership fee will cover the cost of three newsletters a year and information about various events, including an annual conference. You can visit their website or contact them at the address listed in the resources section. There are other associations for different countries.

Go on courses

Get the names of MBTI practitioners in your area and find out if they are running any open courses you can attend. In the UK you can get this information through BAPT. The Centre for Confidence and Well-being can run courses on type as we have qualified practitioners as associates. Please contact us for information.

Take the second step

If you have only completed the MBTI Step 1 then why don’t you arrange for a Step 2 session. This could either be done in a group or in a one-to-one session. Again contact BAPT for potential practitioners who could do this with you.

Book a coaching session with someone who uses type

If you think that type knowledge could enhance your personal effectiveness but you need help with this then why don’t you see if you could arrange a couple of telephone coaching sessions with a coach who knows the MBTI.  See the resources section  for more details.

Become a qualifed MBTI practitioner

If you are in a job where you could run workshops or counselling sessions on type then why don’t you think about becoming a qualified user. Oxford Psychologist Press are licensed to train MBTI users in the UK. Most of their courses are held in the south of England but they occasionally run courses in Scotland and other parts of the UK. Again you can visit their website or contact them at the address listed in the resources section. If you work for a charity or would use the MBTI on a non-commercial basis then contact Emmaus House for information on any forthcoming qualifying courses.

Encourage organisations you deal with to run MBTI sessions

This could be the organisation you work for or it could be your children’s school or a voluntary organisation you are involved in. BAPT should be able to give you the names of qualified practitioners in your area or contact us to see if we could help.

Set up your own type discussion group

If you know other people who may be interested in developing their knowledge of type then why don’t you set up an informal group. You could meet occasionally and take it in turns to present information from a book you’ve read or to talk about your type.


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