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There are literally thousands of pages on the MBTI™ on the net. Here is a selection of our favourite sites.

The Myers and Briggs Foundation

This website charts the history of the development of the MBTI and has some interesting photographs. It also has some introductory information on type and how it can be used.

This attractive site has detailed profiles on all the types as well as background information on the MBTI and Kiersey’s temperaments. It also includes a special section on type and relationships. For $5 you can complete their on-line questionnaire. This is not the proper MBTI but your results are given according to MBTI preferences.

This site offers you the opportunity to complete the real MBTI for $49.99. It offer you support from qualified practitioners as part of the assessment.  You can access profiles of all the types on this site as well as information on type and careers and their assessment of the types of well-known personalities.


This site has lot of materials including profiles. It also has specific profiles on how the types tend to act within teams.

This site offers profiles of the 16 types. For $15 you can download a programme to analyse the relationship between types.

This site has its own questionnaire on type as well as detailed profiles of the 16 types.


This site gives you the opportunity to take the Keirsey character sorter on-line. It also gives lots of information on the temperaments and how temperament is important in leadership, relationship etc. It also includes discussion of the temperament of past US presidents.


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