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Postcards from Scotland

Carol Craig's MBTI background

In the mid 1990s I qualified to administer the MBTI™ Step 1 and Step 2. For the next eight years I then ran a substantial number of workshops and courses on the MBTI. This was a mixture of courses on personal and management development as well as team development sessions. I worked mainly with teachers, health professionals (including a group of psychiatrists!) social workers, small businesses and media organisations particularly the BBC.

During this period I was aware that many of the MBTI materials and perspectives emanated from the USA and did not always apply so well to people in Scotland or the UK in general. This is why I decided to write my own profiles and called them  Enspired Profiles as my training business at that time was called Enspire. As I could see that they were very cost-effective for independent trainers I decided to make them available for sale.

I also wrote extensive MBTI material which I planned to publish but did not get round to as I then started to research and write my first book The Scots' Crisis of Confidence (2003) which includes a Jungian  analysis of Scottish culture. (I don't use MBTI terms as such but essentially argue that Scottish culture is ENTJ/ESTJ while England is ISTJ/ISFJ.) I then spent considerable time setting up the Centre and diverting my attention to different (though related) topics.

I have now decided to make this unpublished MBTI material freely available on the Centre's website. People can also review the 16 Enspired Profiles. I have been keen for the Centre to include the MBTI  for three main reasons:

  1. The Centre has done a lot on positive psychology and there is good reason to believe that the Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, who devised the MBTI, were some of the first positive psychologists.
  2. The MBTI, if used well, can make a substantial contribution to confidence and well-being.
  3. The Centre is increasingly taking an 'integral perspective' and an understanding of type easily fits within this framework. (What this means will become clearer on the website in the next few months.)

For those who cannot ascertain my type preferences from the above comments and who are interested to know it is for ENTP.


© Carol Craig

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