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The Project

In the summer of 2009 the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland commissioned the Centre for Confidence and Well-being to undertake a focused research and development project on leadership and leadership development.

The EHRC designed the project to support its Strategic Priority 2:  

Ensuring a fairer Britain for all – reducing the gap in outcomes to secure fair life chances, access to services and dignified treatment.

• Delivering fairer public services to all
• Advancing equality and good relations in the workplace
• Improving equality of civic participation.
The EHRC sought to achieve two critical outcomes with this project:
i) Improving understanding and awareness of how equality communities can overcome barriers to reaching senior leadership (including public) positions.
ii) Widening the pool of the equality community interested in and prepared for public roles and enabling those with leadership aspirations to offer their experience directly to those responsible for making public appointments to government departments and other public bodies.
The Centre for Confidence and Well-being designed a process of enquiry to engage with a broad spectrum of people from across public services and the equality communities.
This process fell into three broad areas: Action Enquiry, Appreciative Inquiry and Desk based review.


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