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Action Enquiry

A Steering Group was formed from a number of different organisations to act as an ongoing 'critical friend' and barometer for the project. It was decided that the Action Enquiry groups should be recruited from nominations offered by the Steering Group.

Two Action Enquiry groups were located in Glasgow and Aberdeen and participants were drawn from across Scotland. A further two satellite groups were also formed in Aberdeen. 

Due to participant time constraints and resources the Action Enquiry groups were smaller than anticipated but the quality of the work was very high and the outcomes, in terms of impact of individuals and organisations, were significant.

The training of members of the Action Enquiry groups involved a personal learning journey as well as the development of an enquiry process within their organisation. This process of engagement within organisations was carried out via interviews, questionnaires and focus group discussions. 

A number of reports compiled by the Action Enquiry group members challenge current practice and will hopefully lead changes in how leadership and equalities issues are thought about and addressed. 

A DVD was also produced which focused on the journeys of some of the Action Enquiry group members. Click here to view the DVD. 

Further information on the Action Enquiry process can be found in section 2 and in appendices 2 and 3 of the final report

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