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The MBTI versus other tests

Nowadays organisations are awash with psychological instruments. Questionnaires are now used as part of job selection. Tests predict how you will behave under pressure, in a team, as a manager. Undoubtedly many of these instruments are extremely accurate, yielding very detailed profiles of the people who have filled them in. But we believe that there are three fundamental reasons why this instrument has an edge over its  competitors:

  1. The MBTI™ is based on a logical theory of four important elements of personality type. Once we grasp these basic concepts we possess the tools not just to understand ourselves, but other people as well.
  2. As the MBTI is concerned with basic preferences its insights are applicable to all areas of human life. This means we can use the same terminology and concepts to understand our team preferences, management style, career choices, and how we can best plan our life-long development. We can also use MBTI terminology to discuss and understand the prevailing culture of organisations.
  3. The MBTI is based on a value system most people share. Practitioners are not allowed to use it for selection purposes.  Isabel Briggs Myers did not want it used to limit people’s opportunities. It is also non-judgmental. It is based on the idea that all types are normal and all bring gifts to the world. The MBTI is designed to help us understand the diverse nature of the human personality and then to celebrate this diversity. It really does show us it “takes all types to make a world.”

© Carol Craig

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