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Type, compatibility, marriage

Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother orginially became interested in type because Isabel married a man very unlike her in personality. This got mother and daughter thinking about differences. Type understanding is very useful in analysing relationship dynamics. Barbara Barron-Tieger and Paul Tieger, two MBTI™  researchers, studied two hundred or so couples and looked at their type and found distinct patterns of satisfaction correlated with type. Research undertaken a couple of decades ago found that a major cause of conflict in relationships was between extraverted women and introverted men.  Isabel Briggs Myers found that couple attraction was often related to the S/N preference with people preferring a partner with a similar preference to them. This could partly be understood in terms of the kind of interests they have and discussions they are motivated by.

If you are interested in accessing more infomration about type and compatability in romantic relationships then the web site personality desk has a useful summary of the literature.



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