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Using organisational character to enhance organisational effectiveness

It is important to understand that, just as with individuals, preferences lead to strength and weaknesses. No organisation will be good across the board as its preferences will dictate that it is better at some types of tasks than others. As with individuals, awareness of what the dominant preferences are can improve effectiveness considerably. For example, an organisation dominated by intuitives may on reflection see that they tend to marginalise staff who prefer sensing. Yet making sure that N’s beloved innovate projects actually happen is often what sensing types are good at. Sensing types within intuitive organisations may also act as a useful brake on the pursuit of too much innovation and keep change programmes practical.

For organisations and individuals alike effectiveness can be improved through self, or organisational, awareness, understanding  the need for some degree of balance and respect for difference.

More on how balance can be achieved within the workplace is covered in the section on teams.


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