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How to manage the different temperaments

Staff with A preference for SJ  -
prefer a manager who displays fairly traditional values of fairness, hard work and organisation. They want their manager to communicate clearly with them and to spell out in detail what is expected of them. Reliability and consistency are also important.
Some SJs need frequent supervision sessions and feedback on how they are doing.

Staff with a preference for SP -
prefer a manager who does not hem them in with lots of meetings or rules and regulations. They want their manager to give them plenty of opportunity to approach tasks in a flexible manner and to allow them to structure and perform their jobs in ways that allows them to be creative and take risks.

Staff with a preference for NF –
prefer a people-centred manager who they can trust and admire and who has an inspiring vision. They want their manager to create an inclusive, harmonious environment where their own, and others’ input is acknowledged. They also need to be treated with dignity and respect.

Staff with a preference for NT –
prefer a visionary manager who is competent and open to challenging ideas and approaches. They want their manager to set them broad, and very ambitious goals, and then let them get on with achieving them with a minimum of interference. NT staff need to feel their manager recognises their analytical abilities and gives them the opportunity to use these abilities.


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