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Discovering your type

Many people reading these pages will already have some idea of their MBTI™ preferences as they will have completed the questionnaire or on a course and received some feedback.

If you would like to see if any of the type descriptions are right for you then here are your options:

1. Contact the Centre and we can put you in touch with our Myers Briggs Type practitioner who can administer the instrument and offer  one to one feedback sessions to enhance  understanding of the MBTI as well as help you clarify your 'true' Type.   Cost of individual feedback sessions is £50 plus £18.50 for online assessment  and Type report.' (We can also provide workshop sessions for teams. Again contact the Centre.)

2. Complete the MBTI over the internet. Know Your Type offers you the opportunity to complete the real MBTI for $49.99. It offers you support from qualified practitioners as part of the assessment.

3. Go to one of the websites which gives you the opportunity to complete a test which is not the real MBTI but which is measuring these preferences and reports your result in MBTI terms. For example, personalitypage.com has a questionnaire you can complete for $5.

4. Complete on-line the Gray-Wheelwright-Winer Type Indicator for free. This 70 item questionnaire was constructed by Jungian experts. Robert Winer is a psychiatrist, neurologist and Jungian psychotherapist. It gives you results using the same letters used in the MBTI.

5. Acquire one of the MBTI books which has a questionnaire which attempts to assess your type. For example, HIRSH, Sandra & KUMMEROW, Jean, Life Types:  Warner Books, New York USA, 1989.

6. Read through the material in Section 2 of this site. When you are reading about the preferences keep asking yourself what sounds most like you. Keep a note of this and then read through the profile for these four preferences. If you are unsure of one preference then read both. Eg. if you think that ISP is right for you and are not sure if you have a preference for ISTP or ISFP then read both these profiles.

Basically you are trying to find your  'Best Fit Type'. This may not be how you came out on the indicator. 


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