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Mellowing with age may help you live longer

Mellowing with age can help you to live longer.
 Researchers have discovered that people who score high for neuroticism (which is the tendency to worry, to feel anxious and depressed and to react negatively to stressful events) provides a clear indicator of how long a person will live. This longitudinal research showed that those who were neurotic and who grew more neurotic over time had a higher death rate than those who were the least neurotic.  Those who improved over time died at a significantly lower rate.  Even a one unit increase in neuroticism, in participants, over the course of the study was shown to have a large impact.  Compared to participants who showed no change, these participants had a 40 percent greater chance of death.  We have learnt from neuroscience that the brain has a great capacity to learn, and that the brain keeps on learning until the day we die.  Those who may be more neurotic can work toward dealing better with stress by participating in activities which will achieve this. Exercises such as yoga, music or meditation can reduce stress. This research shows that ?learning to deal with some of the potentially negative aspects of human personalities in a positive way could become part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. To read more click here
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