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Learning about positive psychology

If we want Positive Psychology to stay then we need people to learn about this subject

 This means bringing the findings and knowledge forward so that people can decide whether it stands up to scientific investigation, allowing them to assimilate it in a way which enhances theirs and others lives.  The science of Positive Psychology is building momentum.  Positive Psychology is beginning to be taught in schools.  In the States there is an undergraduate program. In Harvard University this class has the biggest subscription of any course to ever be offered at the University.  People can also study Positive Psychology at a post graduate level.  There are two courses: The Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, Pennsylvania USA and the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, London.  Not only are there two Masters courses but people can take this on to a further level:  Claremont University offers a PHD program with Mihlyi Cziksentmyhi, in happiness and here in Scotland there is  a PHD program in Positive Psychology and Sport Science.  Yet, Positive Psychology can be applied to any discipline and that is the beauty of the subject ? it is a positive scientific approach.  At the Centre we are creating training programs which are shorter and may be more accessible to a wider audience who wish to know about Positive Psychology and how they might apply it in their lives. The merging of science with everyday practice may help to create the kind of changes we are all looking for because enabling these changes are the people who can share and communicate with each other about what works. Positive Psychology can enlighten people, by bridging the gap between academia and real life.

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