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Want to achieve something - like voting tomorrow?

Researchers have found that taking a third person perspective when visualising doing something raises the likelihood of going on to perform the desired behavior
This study involved Undergraduates who were registered to vote the next day.  They were grouped into: those who were asked to visualise their vote from a first person, real life, perspective and those who took a third person, visualising themselves as others might see them, perspective of their upcoming vote.  Immediately after this exercise the second group  showed a stronger pro-voting minset in response to questions about their attitudes to voting.  Participants were followed up a couple of weeks later.  90% of those who took a third person perspective went on to vote, compared to just 72% who took a first person perspective. The researchers claim that this is because we tend to interpret other people's actions as saying something about them, whereas we interpret our own actions as saying more about the situation we?re in.  So, when we picture ourselves in the third person, we see ourselves as others would see us.  To read more click here
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