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Learning from Malawi

Children in Malawi have been taking pictures of their experiences in the environment they live in.

The results have been transformational; the photography has not only brought to life their experiences but has also strengthened communities.  This project captures impressions of life through the eyes of young people, giving an insight into their local environment and communities.  Now this project has extended to Scotland and is making a big impact on communities here. The Malawi/Scotland collaboration was set up by the Scottish Executive as a sub project to a greater scheme between the two countries: 'to help develop Malawi?s health and education system, civic governance and society and sustainable economic development'. Scottish Photographer Graeme Murdoch has been working alongside a leading Malawi photographer teaching children how to record impressions of their communities. The second stage, organised by Communities Scotland, reproduced those experiences here in Scotland. Graeme went to schools showing children the work that Malawi children had created.  The project aims to empower people to make the changes they want.  This is not about telling people how to make a difference or what to change, but rather how to explore their own local issues.  This is being achieved by letting children use their creativity and imagination to record the world as they see it.  The next stage of the project is to join the photography from the two sets of projects and tour Scotland and Malawi with it.  You can view some of the photographs and read more about this on page 17-19 in the spring 2007 Communities Scotland Action Magazine.  There is more information about the Scotland/Malawi partnership  here

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