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Raising Grateful Children

People who model gratitude will be more likely to elicit it in others, according to Professor Jeffrey Froh.

Parents can cultivate this strength in their children by displaying gratitude towards others. For example, demonstrating appreciation to others for things that they have done.  Children learn things, such as gratitude or kindness, by modelling what other people do and say.  According to Froh, by displaying gratefulness children will ?catch the grateful attitude?.  Froh talks about other tips for raising grateful children, some of which are listed below:

1. Speaking words of gratitude, such as thank you, thankful and grateful
2. At night, encouraging children to write about things, in a journal, that they were grateful for during the day.
3. reminding children to thank those who have been generous or kind.
4. praising children for their use of grateful language and behaviour.
5. when a child reaches a goal, help them to identify who helped them to achieve it
6. notice things with children, such as freshly cut grass or an interesting plant, this will help them to savour the moment
7. encourage children to appreciate things bigger than themselves, such as God, the cosmos or nature

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