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Happiness and recovery from negative events

A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found that while European-Americans claim to be happy in general - more happy than Asia Koreans or Japanese - they are more easily made less happy when faced with negative events and recover at a slower rate.

The study surveyed more than 350 college students in Japan, Korea and the United States. For three weeks, they kept records of their daily state of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with life and the actual number of both positive and negative events.

The findings are that American European students report being happier, on average, than Asian Americans, Koreans or Japanese.? However, after a negative event they are less quick to recover their happy outlook.? European Americans need to experience 2 positive events after a negative one to bounce back to their initial levels of happiness, while Asian American, Japanese and Asian-American only need one positive event.

Professor Oishi, the lead researcher, said that ?unless you can switch your mindset to accept the negative facts of everyday life ? that these things happen and must be accepted ? it becomes very hard to maintain a comfortable level of satisfaction.'? His advice is: ?don?t try to be happy?.?

To read the press release click here

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