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Bringing parenting classes to the football field

An Assistant Professor at the University of Buffalo has been using football to help fathers get interested in, and understand, their children?s attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). The researcher suggests that this type of intervention leads to improved success on the field, which translates into success at home and school.

The research programme involves children aged 6-12 years and includes two formats: a control group, where fathers and children receive traditional evidence based treatments for ADHD, and an experimental group: fathers and children receiving the same, plus football games. At each meeting, while the children practice soccer skills, the fathers in the experimental group meet to learn parenting skills, such as 'how to pay attention to the child's good behaviors, give clear commands, use time outs well.

The researchers have found that disruptive behaviours have decreased, while participation from the fathers has increased.? Fathers in the experimental group were more likely to try out homework.? This programme offered a sense of community for the fathers.? The authors note that by putting fathers together, who have children who are challenged in sports, allows them to see that other children struggle with sport too.? To read more about this click here

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