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Children are not mad or bad, they are just scared

Child expert Dorothy Rowe has suggested that the increasing number of children diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar disorder has arisen as a result of experts misdiagnosing fear and anxiety.

Taken in context, these symptoms may be explainable.  For example, many adults experience irritability, inattention, hyperactivity and so on, in response to certain situations.  An adult could explain the causes of their behaviour if a psychiatrist was to observe them at that given moment.   Few psychiatrists who give children the diagnosis have had long term contact with the child.  Also, the children may come from families who have many causes of stress such as economic, social or personal problems and parents may fail to discuss these issues, believing that the problem lies with the child. 'Diagnosing children with ADHD or bipolar disorder requires collusion. Parents and doctors must agree the fault is in the child. So parents fail to mention their own economic, social or personal problems, or underplay them, while doctors don't ask because they lack the skills and resources to help the parents. Thus parents can go on believing they are good parents faced with an inherently flawed child, and doctors that they are good doctors. The child continues to be afraid.'To read more click here

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