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Virtual 'Vital Friends'

?Vital friends: the people you can?t afford to live without? a book by Tom Rath, explores the positive difference it makes to people?s professional lives to have ?best friends? at work

 Positive workplace experts Jocelyn S. Davis and Amanda C.E Levy have discovered that his findings contribute to groups as well, and believe that they have enormous applications in a competitive global economy.

Davis and Levy, who recently ran a workshop at the Positive Psychology conference in Warwick, have created a virtual positive workplace study group.  Since 2004 they have been meeting with 15 other people well versed in Positive Psychology in the workplace, over the phone twice a month, to discuss the latest Positive Psychology research.  The group discusses putting into action Positive Psychology by developing and testing applications in the workplace, and then sharing experiences.  The group consists of people from all over the world e.g. Jenny Fox Eades from the UK, Amanda Horne from Australia and Davis & Levy from the States.

The group has seen dramatic changes in their working lives since they began, by becoming happier at work, more resilient in the face of challenges as well as growing a competitive advantage in this field.  Davis and Levy are further exploring the concepts of Vital Friendships in combination with their own positive workplace learning?s. Says Davis, 'People have not been taught how to exist in a virtual environment, never mind to establish and nurture Virtual Friendships. We want to learn more about how to set up Virtual Friendships.'  For a free special report on the key characteristics of Virtual Vital Friends, click here and request your copy of 'Bolster Business Performance and Life Satisfaction with Virtual Vital Friends' which includes an assessment for your network of Vital Friends. To read this article click here

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