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Resilience: build skills to endure hardship

People who are resilient rebound more quickly from setback or challenges compared to those who don't utilise resilient characteristics.

Being resilient doesn?t mean that your problems will go away - it is the ability to see past them, to overcome failure and hardship and to find some enjoyment in life despite the events which may be going on.  Resilience is built from a variety of internal and external resources.  These resources enable a person to adapt to an ever changing and sometimes threatening environment.  By building up resources which foster resilience a person can learn to deal with the events that life throws at them.  For example, resilience can be improved by connecting with other people, using humour, learning from experience, employing hope and optimism, working towards goals and taking action.  The Mayo Clinic, in America, has a useful web site which gives information and tips for becoming more resilient, along with information on many other topics which foster mental health and well-being.  To read more click here
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