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From the tennis court to the work place

Researchers from the Centre for Sport and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University are working with organisations like the Royal Yachting Association and English Golf to directly apply the findings within the workplace. They are translating the mental habits of high flying athletes to motivate and engage people at work. Primarily they are interested in how different people respond to stress and pressure.

Recent research shows that more than four in 10 employees are actively considering leaving their current employer and other studies have shown that more than one third of employees are feeling partly or fully disengaged.  According to Dr Rob Copeland, lead researcher at Hallam, it is vitally important to ?address the issues of those who come to work and get their head down, but are still struggling.? 

The researchers say that the techniques used with athletes such as goal setting, positive self-talk and locus of control can be used with employees to improve performance. Copeland and others have looked at issues such as mental toughness and performance under pressure, and how top athletes manage to focus to execute match points or penalty shots under extreme pressure.  Athletes? peak performance provides some insight into how people at work might cope with pressure and challenge.  Copeland says that ?there are some staff who could benefit from practicing working in more challenging environments to do their best work.  And there are others who could benefit from better coping strategies to deal with pressure.? To read this article click here

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