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Older people are happy

Recent research reveals that young people think that growing old will be a miserable experience, despite the fact that older people report being happy. The study found that young people who are pessimistic about growing older are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors - such as excessive drinking.

The study, carried out at Queens University Belfast, reveals a strong link between a young person?s belief about unhappiness in old age and their level of binge drinking.  What they found was that young men were more likely to binge drink if they had a negative view of growing older.

This piece of research is important for two reasons: a young person?s belief about aging may play a significant role in whether they engage in activities which protect their health for the future; the evidence that people remain happy as they get older may encourage young people to feel optimistic about their own happiness in the future.  To read the press release click here

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