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Restricting TV time reduces obestiy

Recent research shows that parents who cut down on the amount of ?Television Time? their children participate in per week, has a direct effect on these youngsters weight 2 years down the line: their Body mass index lowered. The researchers say that this is because less ?TV Time? encourages young people to be more active and eat less food.

The study involved an experimental group and a control group, of 4-7 year olds. These youngsters were classed as having higher than average body mass index.  The families in the experimental group were given a ?TV allowance? device which was attached to all home video devices.  This mechanism gradually decreased the weekly allowance of television watching from around 14 hours to, eventually, around 7 hours.  The families in the control group monitored, but did not restrict, the young people?s TV watching.  What they found was that the control group increased in weight initially and then decreased slightly, where as the experimental group gradually declined in weight over time.

From this research comes a simple message which is that watching less TV is good for children. It also shows how the environment around young people can impact upon their behaviour. This is not the whole picture though, encouraging young people to be active and get outdoors is also important so that they chose not to watch TV, and do other things instead. To read about this click here 

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