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Storytelling for business

Telling stories is a unique human skill which everyone can do. In the workplace people are telling stories all the time. This article looks at how stories can be harnessed, taught and exploited at work, in order to facilitate change and motivate people.

Stories can be powerful communication tools.  This is because they are engaging, easy to remember and people like them. Some of the most effective communicators use stories as a matter of course.  There are various companies using the storytelling approach within their organisations.  For example, The Storytellers, a consultancy that helps companies to communicate their corporate strategy through telling stories, uses storytelling to communicate to and engage staff.

Other people, such as coach and trainer Margaret Parkin, have used traditional stories to get people thinking about issues at work, and to foster change in organisations. Parkin writes that this is because ?people listen with relaxed awareness to stories, and that bypasses their resistance to change? 

Storytelling has been used in more unlikely organisations, such the BT offshoot Openreach.  Regional Manager, Derek Richardson, has been using stories with senior managers in a one day storytelling workshop.  Richardson say?s he is already seeing managers using the techniques they picked up in meetings and presentations, and the storytelling workshop is showing an influence on  managers power point presentations.  People are getting creative by using less slides and saying more.

To find out how organisations can tap into what their staff know, win their support for strategy, and engage them more deeply using storytelling click here to find out more about storytelling in business and other disciplines such as teaching and medicine click here

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